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Discover the perfect companion for your literary adventures with this reading journal. With dedicated sections for book summaries, reviews, and a personalized reading log, you can easily keep track of your literary journey. Elevate your reading experience and make every book unforgettable.

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The Productivity Store Reading Journal

The Ultimate Reading Journal for Book Lovers

Keep track of all the books you want to read and even write detailed book reviews with this all-in-one reading journal.

  • Goal oriented progress tracking: Set reading goals and watch as you make progress each day.
  • Convenient and organized: With dedicated sections to keep track of books you've read, borrowed, lent, and more.
  • Detailed book review section: Share your thoughts and insights about the books you read in our comprehensive book review section.


All-in-One Reading Journal


5 x 8 (A5)


Vegan Leather Hardcover

Paper Quality

260 pages of 120gsm Ivory, No Bleed High Quality Paper


Lay Flat Binding

How it Works

Discover the ultimate reading companion with our reading journal, designed to help you track, evaluate, and enhance your literary journey.

Set your own reading goals by including a specific number of books with start and finish date goals to easily keep track of your reading progress.

Personal Reading Goals

Set your personal reading goals and challenge yourself to achieve them before you finish this journal.

Reading Tracker

Track your reading progress to create better habits.

Genre Challenge

Take on the challenge of expanding your literary horizons by exploring books from various genres.

Track Your Progress

Write down the start and finish dates to track how long it took you to finish a book.

Books To Read

Keep track of your next literary adventures with a space for the author, title, and a handy checklist for your upcoming reading list.

General Book Details

Write the book's basic information for easy reference.

Star Rating

Use the star rating to serve as a quick and visual way to capture how much you enjoyed a particular read and to quickly gauge your feelings, making it easier to revisit and recommend books in the future.


Highlight and record the books that you consider to be your most beloved reads to showcase and revisit the literary gems that have made a lasting impact on you.


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