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Journals For Men: 8 Reasons Every Man Needs A Journal

Journals For Men: 8 Reasons Every Man Needs A Journal

The idea of keeping a physical journal may seem quaint in a world where electronics are used more and more frequently.

However, whether you believe it or not, keeping a men’s journal can improve your success, happiness, and self-worth.

Still not convinced?

I'll show you how wrong you are.

I'll discuss the importance of journaling for men in this article. (I've done it for twenty years!)

How to Journal Like a Man

Men's Journal Step 1. Find A Journal

The first step is straightforward: get a paper journal and start using it. There are a ton of options available, from a cheap spiral-bound notebook to a high-end leather-bound journal.

I also suggest getting a good pen. Since you'll be writing frequently, you don't want anything that will let you down.

Men's Journal Step 2. Find the time To Write and Stick to It

You need to incorporate journaling into your daily routine. Choose a time that works best for you, then keep to it. Some of you might enjoy writing while sipping coffee in the morning. I personally enjoy writing at night. The key is to establish a routine for whatever works for you.

Men's Journal Step 3. Write

You may be unsure of what to write about. Anything on your mind is the simplest response. Write about your day, including your successes and failures. Your daily journal will show how you're feeling. Continue writing even if you think your topic is dull. You'll learn more about yourself as you write.

8 Reasons Why All Men Need A Paper Journal

1. A Daily Journal Expands Your Memory

Humans have, on average, 6,200 thoughts per day, according to a Queen's University study. Your mind is constantly being bombarded with ideas, from the notion of turning off your alarm clock at 5 in the morning to advertisements urging you to make a purchase. Excellent concepts are overlooked.

When you try to recall a brilliant thought you had earlier, all the details have vanished. You've lost forever that brilliant idea you had.

However, keeping a daily journal can serve as your second brain. Any thought can be quickly recorded in a men’s journal and later reviewed when you have more time if one is nearby.

 For instance, while making the movie American Graffiti, George Lucas had the concept for Star Wars. He immediately stopped filming and began writing down all of his ideas. He collaborated with his writing partner Gary Kurtz to write the first draft of the Star Wars script after finishing American Graffiti. We wouldn't have Star Wars today if he hadn't kept that journal.

2. Paper Journaling is Better Than Digital Journaling

Perhaps you're asking yourself, "Why don't I use my phone as a journal? The solution – distractions.

You and I both adore notifications. They keep you and I informed about breaking news and social media. But alerts keep us from being present.

When you're in the middle of writing about your day in your phone's journal, all of a sudden CNN or Facebook notifies you that you have news to catch up on. Immediately, your mind wanders, and you become completely disoriented. It's challenging to take the time to go back and finish your thoughts once you've lost focus.

A paper journal has no distractions. You may write and reflect on any subject for as long as you like. The best part? There are no load times. Open your paper journal and begin writing right away.

3. Physical Writing Improves Your Memory

According to a University of Los Angeles study, students who wrote out their notes (as opposed to typing them) were better at synthesizing what they had learned. Their factual recall and understanding of pertinent subjects had both improved as a result of the writing process.

Journaling follows the same logic. You most likely have a ton of different tasks to finish throughout the day, like most people. It's challenging to keep them all in mind. You could still easily forget to do something even if you type them into your phone. Your memory and brain function will both be enhanced by taking the extra step of writing down what needs to be done.

4. Physically Crossing Off Tasks Is Extremely Satisfying

You get an extra sense of accomplishment when you cross items off your daily to-do list because you went the extra mile to write out your tasks.

Our brains prefer structure, so to-do lists remove the chaos of daily life from your tasks. You can overcome anxiety by making a to-do list. Professors at Wake Forest University compared two men—one with and one without a to-do list.

They discovered that the man who had a to-do list and kept things in order was more productive and worked at a lower heart rate than his counterpart.

5. Journaling Makes You Immortal

Do you recall studying about Lewis and Clark in class? If you didn't pay attention in your US History class, you probably won't. Following the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark led the first expedition to explore uncharted territory west of the Mississippi River. Any theories on how their journaling during their historic voyage helped us learn the stories?

Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin were all great men who kept diaries. John Carnegie Churchill and Ralph Waldo Emerson are two examples.

These men's journals have all been read and researched. They are now regarded by historians all over the world as immortal icons.

It's possible that someday your grandchildren and even children will ask to read your daily journal. You may believe that your life is routine and unremarkable, but you are mistaken.

Don't wait because you won't be able to recall everything later on. Half of the time, people can’t even remember what they had for breakfast, let alone what they did ten years ago.

It would be amazing to read a men’s journal from your great-grandpa detailing events like the stock market crash or every day he fought in a global conflict.

When the World Trade Center was attacked, when Barack Obama was elected, or even when Donald Trump was elected, your children will look back and wonder what you thought. Start journaling right away to immortalize yourself for your future family.

6. Keeping a Men's Journal Improves Your Mental Health

You might be wondering how keeping a daily journal for men, which is just a bunch of words on a page, can improve your mental health. Whether they believe it or not, those who are dealing with mental illness can benefit from practicing this.

The left side of your brain must be used when journaling. This is the logical, analytical side of your mind. This enables you to resolve any problem or emotion you may be experiencing. Additionally, it gives your right brain's hemisphere a rest, allowing your creativity to flow freely and flourish when you need it to.

According to research, journaling can improve your mood, lessen the symptoms of depression, and make you feel more at ease.

To those with PTSD or a history of trauma, for instance, journaling is incredibly beneficial. Making people with these problems express their emotions in writing improves their mental health by helping them to deal with suppressed feelings that had been holding them back. They are able to cope better and their subconscious harbors feelings they were unaware of.

You don't need to deal with any trauma, do you? You can still use journaling to improve your mental well-being and increase your self-awareness. You can identify unhealthy thought and behavior patterns by keeping a men’s journal.

7. Journaling Gives You A Sense of Worth

Keeping a daily journal confirms the value of your day. You can look back on your day if you keep track of everything you do.

Bad days must be documented so that you can reflect and ensure that the following day is significantly better than the previous one.

Your daily journal will eventually be finished, as was previously stated. You will go to your grave knowing that someone cared enough about you and your life to value the things you loved and read through what you wrote, even if it was after you had passed away. Your daily journal reaffirms your importance as an individual and your relevance to others in the increasingly existential world we live in.

8. Your Daily Journal is Judgment-Free Zone

Ever feel like nobody is listening to you? Perhaps you believe that if you express your opinions, you will suffer repercussions. A men’s journal is the best remedy.

All of your thoughts should be written down in your daily journal. Write about it instead of verbally lashing out at a coworker. Write through all that bad energy to get it out of your system.

You start to understand who you are by allowing yourself to be completely honest and open in your daily journal. It's not always necessary to structure your journaling. It may consist of an unrestricted, free-flowing list of emotions and ideas. Writing things down can unlock a door that has been keeping your heart and mind from communicating.

 The majority of you probably have anxiety when it comes to exposing your emotions and feelings. But I would still advise you to. Use a men's journal to express yourself and say everything you've always wanted to. When you put your feelings into words, you feel a great sense of relief.

Conclusion – Men's Journal Reasons

There has never been a better time to keep a paper journal than right now, given all the distractions.

A physical journal improves your mental health, which benefits both your personal and professional life.

Here are the explanations for why you should keep a men’s journal:

  1. A Daily Journal Expands Your Memory
  2. Paper Journaling is Better Than Digital Journaling
  3. Physical Writing Improves Your Memory
  4. Physically Crossing Off Tasks is Extremely Satisfying
  5. Journaling Makes You Immortal
  6. Keeping a Men's Journal Improves Your Mental Health
  7. Journaling Gives You A Sense of Worth
  8. Your Daily Journal is Judgment-Free Zone

A men's journal should be a part of your daily carry because it will change your life in a variety of ways.


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